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Welcome to The Crane Guys
Metro Coin of Minnesota, AKA 'The Crane Guys', is the largest independently owned Skill Crane Operator in the Upper Midwest. We are also a large provider of The Crane Guys - Neon 60 Skill Crane bulk vending services including stickers, super balls, trading cards, small toys, jewelry, capsule dispensed items & gumball/candy machines.

What are "Skill Cranes"?
You've probably seen them at a variety of restaraunts and bars. Skill cranes are the machines filled with stuffed animals that you attempt to pick up with a joy-stick driven crane.

Skill cranes and other bulk amusement vending machines are a great way for your restaraunt, bar, bowling alley or other business to generate additional income.

How It Works
Sticker and Bulk Vending Machines

  • We manage the vending process for you.
  • We provide the machines.
  • We purchase & supply the products.
  • We regularly service the machines.
  • *You receive additional income for your business.*

How do I get a skill crane or other amusement and bulk vending at my business?
Just call us anytime at 763.792.9800 or email us at

Let 'The Crane Guys' Turn Your Unused Space into Additional Income for Your Business & Fun for Your Customers.

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The Crane Guys

The Crane Guys
Metro Coin of Minnesota - 'The Crane Guys'

The Crane Guys