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About The Crane Guys
Metro Coin of Minnesota, Inc. is a locally owned coin operated amusement and bulk vending company. The company was established in 1986 and has grown into the largest independently owned Skill Crane operator in the Upper Midwest. The company is a leading supplier of skill cranes and bulk vending in hundreds of locations around Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. With offices in Minneapolis, Eau Claire, Duluth, Bemidji and Brainerd, Metro Coin of Minnesota is able to provide superior service to its partners and their locations. Having successfully established ourselves as the leader in skill cranes, we are proud to be known as "The Crane Guys".

As our business has evolved, we have diversified to offer our partnering locations further amusement vending services. In addition to our skill crane operation, we have also grown into a large provider of amusement bulk vending machine services. Bulk vending includes coin-operated machines, which dispense stickers, trading cards, super balls, small toys, jewelry, gumballs and other capsule dispensed items.

Partnering with our clients
We partner with our clients. This means you share in the revenues generated by our machines. We are committed to providing the best looking and highest quality products available in the industry. From our machines, to the products in our machines, we understand the better our presentation, the better they perform. We look at our machines as "small retail outlets" within your locations. Our "small store" presentation is the best in the industry, resulting in higher commissions for you.

If you own a bar, tavern, bowling alley, restaurant, or another business where having entertainment machines is beneficial to your customers call us to learn more about how you can partner with Metro Coin of Minnesota and generate additional income from your business.

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The Crane Guys

The Crane Guys
Metro Coin of Minnesota - 'The Crane Guys'

The Crane Guys